by Martin Sherman directed by Amy Canning

July 14, 2017
8:00 pm
112 East Adams St, Jacksonville, Florida 32202
The 5 & Dime, A Theatre Company

July 14th, 15th, 16th(2:00pm)

Martin Sherman’s play, ‘Bent’, first performed in 1979, is about the lives of Berlin’s gay community, and their treatment at the hands of the Nazis. The focus of the play is Max, a hedonist who is estranged from his wealthy, button factory owning family because he openly pursues his desires, rather than following his Uncle Freddie’s advice and confining his sexual activities to occasional, discrete sessions with ‘rent boys’. Max earns his living by ‘making deals’ or scrounging, and frolics his way through cocaine-sniffing nights at gay clubs in the liberated Berlin of the 1930’s. When we meet him, it’s the ‘morning after’, and seems like any other, until the SS storm into his flat and butcher the man Max has just slept with. The infamous ‘Night of The Long Knives’ has seen a shift of power in the Nazi organization, and Max and boyfriend Rudy have to flee Berlin. Trying to escape to Holland, they are eventually caught by the SS and taken by cattle truck to Dachau concentration camp, but only Max survives the tortuously traumatic journey to begin his incarceration, not as a gay, but as a Jew, because he believes he will receive better treatment.

3 Performances Only!


Christopher Farrell
Joshua Taylor
Christopher Watson
Robert Arleigh White
Bebe Deluxe
Tyler Lewis
Jan Peter Buksar
Kenny Logsdon

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