Get The 5 & Dime T-Shirt



Because we’re all about community, we’ve partnered with a local business, to make our swag available for everyone.

Here’s the details…

  1. Bring a t-shirt over to [button link=”″ color=”black” newwindow=”yes”] SILKSCREAMS[/button] at 979 Shetter Ave, Jacksonville Beach [button link=”” color=”black” newwindow=”yes”] MAP[/button] and they’ll put The 5 & Dime logo on it for $10.
  2. They’re doing us a favor by creating a special screen and then keeping it available for anyone to walk in and use, so make it easy on them and pay CASH ONLY.
  3. We highly recommend bringing in a BLACK t-shirt as the silkscreen is set up for silver ink, which will jump out best against a black background.

To sum up…

We get more visibility. Win. A local business makes money. Win. You have an inexpensive way of getting The 5 & Dime t-shirt. Win.

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