Director’s Notes: ALL NEW PEOPLE

Director’s Notes: ALL NEW PEOPLE

by RON SHREVE, director, All New People

We all have that point in our lives where we feel like we are the star of “The Truman Show” and the rest of the world is our supporting cast, but reality sets in and we know that although it sometimes feels like the universe has some grand design to make life difficult, we are not at its center. And though we know this fact, how often do we think about the lives of others. I’m not talking about the idea of thinking of those less fortunate in another country, or sending positive vibes and a donation after some major disaster but the simple act of thinking about what someone else’s day has been like, the high school student who bagged your groceries, or the mom jogging with a stroller who simply waved while you glanced at her from your car. They all have their own lives, their own stories, their own families, their own pain. We all need to take the time and realize as a nation, as a city we all feel a little lost in the woods, most of us getting stuck walking in circles and screaming for someone to find us. Perhaps if we took a moment and listened we would hear the other voices in the trees searching for an answer. “You’re lonely and here you are surrounded by other people.” Everyday all new people enter your lives and everyday all new people leave your lives but maybe if we extended our hand more often to help even when we feel helpless you may just find something extraordinary… friendship, love, faith, a job, simply knowing someone sees you and in turn finding a way out of this Snow White/Hansel and Gretel/Little Red Riding Hood entrapment together.

I welcome you to meet the all new people in my life and now yours. They won’t be the same people tomorrow and they are not the same people they were earlier today but they all want to let you know that you, yes you, are not alone.




RON SHREVE is a University of Florida graduate returning to Florida after a two year adventure in NYC. Past directing credits include DOG SEES GOD, PIPPIN, The Edge’s ROCKY HORROR LIVE (asst. dir.), and most recently asst. dir. FORBIDDEN BROADWAY at Theatre Jacksonville. 

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