Audition Notice for A NEW BRAIN


Auditions: Sunday February 19th 2pm


The 5 & Dime

112 E Adams St

Jacksonville, FL 32202





A New Brain

by William Finn


Songwriter Gordon Schwinn works at his piano to meet a deadline, irritated because he must write a song about spring for the children’s television host Mr. Bungee, who dresses as a frog. Gordon takes a break from his writing and meets his best friend Rhoda at a restaurant. During lunch, he clutches his head and falls face first into his meal. Rhoda calls an ambulance, and Gordon is taken to the hospital, where he’s administered an MRI. His neurosurgeon tells him that he has an arteriovenous malformation, and needs an operation. If he doesn’t have it, he could die or never regain the use of his faculties.

While in the hospital, Gordon contemplates his situation, with his mother, Rhoda, and his boyfriend Roger. Gordon’s greatest fear is dying with his greatest songs still inside him. After the operation, Gordon falls into a coma and while in that state, he hallucinates a surrealistic musical-within-a-musical starring the people in his life; and ultimately, the hallucination-Bungee leads Gordon back to consciousness and to Roger. He recovers slowly and his near death experience teaches him to re-evaluate and better appreciate the people and relationships in his life. With his life at last in balance, he is able to write again.



DIRECTOR: Ron Shreve
Music Director: Erin Barnes
Managing Director: Lee Hamby

AUDITION DATE & TIME: Sunday February 19th 2pm


The 5 & Dime

112 E Adams St

Jacksonville, FL 32202


PERFORMANCE DATES: April 21 22 24 28 29 30 & May 5 6 7, 2017

*Rehearsals will start the week of February 20



The 5 & Dime is committed to casting considerations which reflect the diversity of the people of Jacksonville, while recognizing that a specific gender, ethnicity and age is often a crucial aspect of a particular role or of the piece as a whole. We will include gender, ethnicity and age in the breakdown, where needed, and encourage all actors to audition where none is stated.


Please email Managing Director Lee Hamby for any questions at

-Please prepare a 32-bar contemporary musical theatre song in the style of the show
-Please be familiar with the show; you may be asked to read from it.

Character Breakdown

Gordon Michael Schwinn (Tenor)- 30’s-40’s A vulnerable, lovable and sarcastic composer.

Homeless Lady (Mezzo-Soprano)- 30’s-50’s Wise and yet bitter and tough.

Mr. Bungee (Baritone)- 30’s-50’s The director/producer and star of his own children’s television show.

Rhoda (Soprano)- 30’s- 40’s Gordon’s business manager and best friend.

Richard (Baritone)- 30’s-50’s A kind and compassionate, overweight nurse.

Waitress / Nancy D (Soprano)- 20’s-40’s The waitress is overbearing and overzealous. Nancy is a cruel, thin nurse.

Dr. Jafar Berensteiner (Baritone)- 30’s-50’s An unsympathetic doctor.

Mimi Schwinn (Mezzo-Soprano)- 40’s-60’s Gordon’s very loving yet unstable mother.

Roger-Delli-Bovi (Baritone)- 20’s-40’s Gordon’s charming and affectionate lover.

The Minister (Tenor)- 30’s-50’s A hospital employee with a bit of a drinking problem.

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