Audition Notice for NEVER THE SINNER


Auditions: Sunday August 21st 2pm


The Law Office of Denise Watson

218 E Ashley Street

Jacksonville, FL 32202





Never The Sinner

by John Logan


Chicago, May 21, 1924 – The Crime of The Century. Two handsome and wealthy college students, Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, are accused of murder. The country demands to know if these two young men are capable of committing such an act. This thrilling courtroom drama by the author of The Last Ship and the Tony Award winning Red, explores a complex and twisted relationship between two men in search of passion, intellect, and the perfect crime.




AUDITION DATE & TIME: Sunday August 21st 2pm


The Law Office of Denise Watson

218 E Ashley Street

Jacksonville, FL 32202


PERFORMANCE DATES: November 11 – 19, 2016
at The Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum



The 5 & Dime is committed to casting considerations which reflect the diversity of the people of Jacksonville, while recognizing that a specific gender, ethnicity and age is often a crucial aspect of a particular role or of the piece as a whole. We will include gender, ethnicity and age in the breakdown, where needed, and encourage all actors to audition where none is stated.


Character Breakdown

LEOPOLD: (male, age 18-25) Nathan Leopold, Jr. Highly intellectual student.Coldly academic and fiercely romantic. Nervous, arrogant, obsessed, birdlike

LOEB: (male, age 18-25) Richard Loeb. Another highly intellectual student. Amoral, with scary flashes of true madness. Very attractive and projects an ambiguous sexual appeal and a distinct personal flair. Catlike.

DARROW: (male, age 50-70) Clarence Darrow. Humane, salty, tired and slouched. An old roaring lion, 67 years old and still fighting.

CROWE: (male, age 40-50) Robert Crowe. 45 years old, pugnacious and severe. State’s Attorney. He is a slick Chicago lawyer and politician, intelligent and wily.

REPORTER 1: (male, age 30-50) Older, seasoned reporter. Also plays Dr. Bowman, forensic psychiatrist, and Sgt. Gortland, police officer who testified for the prosecution.

REPORTER 2: (female, age 20-30) Younger, gossip reporter. Also plays Germaine Rheinhardt, the flapper girlfriend of Loeb, played as a “dizzy dame” type, and Bailiff.

REPORTER 3: (male, age 20-40) Younger, tabloid/yellow journalism. Also plays Dr. Hulbert, forensic psychiatrist, and Dr. White, expert witness for the defense.


The audition process will consist of cold readings from the script. Please familiarize yourself with the script before the audition date. For a copy of the script please email:

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