Audition Notice for ALL NEW PEOPLE



Audition Date: MON, DEC 10 at 6:00pm

CoRK West, 2689 Rosselle Street 
(enter at door closest to train track) 



by Zach Braff

It’s the dead of winter and the summer vacation getaway of Long Beach Island, New Jersey is desolate and blanketed in snow. Charlie is heartbroken and just wants some time away from the rest of the world. The island ghost town seems to be the perfect escape until his solitude is interrupted by a motley parade of misfits who show up and change his plans. A hired beauty, the townie fireman, and an eccentric British real estate agent desperately trying to stay in the country suddenly find themselves tangled together in a beach house where the mood is anything but sunny.

Witty, a little dark and very honest, ALL NEW PEOPLE reminds us that with every new person that enters our lives we also become a character in their story.



DIRECTOR: Ron Shreve

AUDITION DATE & TIME: Monday, Dec 10 at 6:00pm

AUDITION LOCATION: CoRK West, 2689 Rosselle Street
(enter at door closest to train track) MAP

PERFORMANCE DATES: February 14-24. Exact dates and times TBD.

REHEARSAL DATES: Rehearsals will begin in January.




The 5 & Dime is committed to casting considerations which reflect the diversity of the people of Jacksonville, while recognizing that a specific gender, ethnicity and age is often a crucial aspect of a particular role or of the piece as a whole. We will include gender, ethnicity and age in the breakdown, where needed, and encourage all actors to audition where none is stated.

CHARLIE |  male, mid-twenties to mid-thirties | An everyman with a secret that has driven him to an attempted, quiet suicide.

EMMA |  female, mid-twenties to mid-thirties | A quirky, British, real estate agent that happens upon Charlie in the midst of his suicide attempt. With secrets of her own she has a level of empathy that convinces her she was brought to be Charlie’s salvation.

MYRON |  male, mid-twenties to mid-thirties | A local fireman, ex-drama teacher and town drug dealer. A bit of a slime ball with an irresistible, arrogant charm.

KIM |  female, mid-twenties to mid-thirties | A hired escort sent by Charlie’s good friend to lift his spirits. Friendly and naïve, this vacant beauty joins the motley crew in an attempt to steer Charlie away from his self proclaimed fate.



Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Sides are available for downloading. Please fill out form below and you will be emailed a download link.


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