Audition Notice for A PICASSO


Auditions: WED August 13 at 6:30pm

Location: Will be sent to you if you are asked to audition

To ensure that we don’t waste people’s time, and due to the specific requirements of the two roles, this is will be a two part process.

If, after reading the character breakdown, you feel you are right for the show and would like to be considered for the production, please email a resume and headshot (or recent photo) to the director at and you will be contacted if she would like you to audition.

Once contacted, you’ll be sent the location of the Aug 13 audition and a copy of the script and sides that will be used.



by Jeffrey Hatcher

Paris, 1941. Pablo Picasso has been summoned from his favorite café by German occupation forces to a storage vault across the city for an interrogation. His questioner: Miss Fischer, a “cultural attaché” from Berlin. Her assignment: discover which of the three Picasso paintings recently “confiscated” by the Nazis from their original owners are real. The ministry of propaganda has planned an exhibit, and only the great artist himself can attest to their authenticity. At first Picasso agrees to her request, confirming that the three pieces are indeed his own. But when Miss Fischer reveals that the “exhibition” is actually a burning of “degenerate art,” Picasso becomes desperate to save his work and engages in a pressurized negotiation with the equally determined Miss Fischer to hold on to two of his precious “children” while consigning the third to the flames. A cat-and-mouse drama about art, politics, sex and truth.



DIRECTOR: Caryl Butterley

AUDITION DATE & TIME: Wednesday, August 13 at 6:30pm

AUDITION LOCATION: The location will be emailed to you if you are asked to audition after submitting a resume and photo.

PERFORMANCE DATES: Dates and venue are still being finalized but performances will be this fall, in Oct or Nov.



The 5 & Dime is committed to casting considerations which reflect the diversity of the people of Jacksonville, while recognizing that a specific gender, ethnicity and age is often a crucial aspect of a particular role or of the piece as a whole. We will include gender, ethnicity and age in the breakdown, where needed, and encourage all actors to audition where none is stated.


Character Breakdown

NOTE: This is a two character play, with both actors onstage throughout. A significant amount of stage experience is required for both roles.

PABLO PICASSO, an artist
Male, Caucasian, 60 | World renowned artist, born in Spain and currently residing in occupied Paris. While claiming to not be political, he is nevertheless the man who painted Guernica. Outspoken, and passionate about life, women, and art, his current existence is one where it is dangerous for him to speak his mind. Additional Notes: While the character is 60 at the time of the play, the age range for the actor may be between mid 40s through mid 60s. It is not necessary to look exactly like Picasso but should be able to capture the essence of the man both in spirit and with a somewhat visual familiarity. 

MISS FISCHER, a cultural attache for the Third Reich
Female, Caucasian, mid 30s – mid 40s | Matter of fact and not above using the power her position affords to accomplish her goals. Had an upper class German childhood and retains the demeanor of someone who is comfortable in the social circles of the wealthy. A genuine admirer of Picasso’s work.



The audition process has ended.

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