Audition Notice for THE CALL


Auditions: Monday June 5th 7pm


The 5 & Dime

112 E Adams St

Jacksonville, FL 32202





The Call

by Tanya Barfield


When Annie and Peter decide to adopt, they come to set their sights on a child from Africa. But when the reality of this choice sinks in, it opens a well of uncertainty that speaks to their very identity as White Americans. Politically-charged and tack-sharp, The Call is a startling portrait of cultural divide, casting global issues into the heart of an American home.



DIRECTOR: Joe Kemper

Managing Director: Lee Hamby

AUDITION DATE & TIME: Monday June 5th 7pm


The 5 & Dime

112 E Adams St

Jacksonville, FL 32202

PERFORMANCE DATES: August 11 12 14 18 19 20 25 26 27, 2017


-This audition will consist of reading from the script.

-Please bring a headshot & resume if you have them. Also bring any and all conflicts with you to put on the audition form

-Rehearsals will be determined by actors availability

*Sides available upon request by emailing


The 5 & Dime is committed to casting considerations which reflect the diversity of the people of Jacksonville, while recognizing that a specific gender, ethnicity and age is often a crucial aspect of a particular role or of the piece as a whole. We will include gender, ethnicity and age in the breakdown, where needed, and encourage all actors to audition where none is stated.


Please email Managing Director Lee Hamby for any questions at

Character Breakdown

ANNIE: Caucasian woman, Early 30s- Early 40s. A renowned artist who radiates warmth and affability. She is funny, yet poised, and capable of throwing a great dinner party. She quit painting to become a fulltime mother. A struggle with infertility has left her with a somewhat bruised ego. By the end of the play, she has gone on a soul-searching journey to a place of hope.
PETER: Caucasian man, Early 30s- Mid 40s. Annie’s loving and devoted husband. He is mature but hasn’t lost his sweetness, yet he’s seen more of the world than he cares to reveal. His immense desire to be a father makes him capable of taking a leap of faith that puts his marriage to the test.
DREA: African-American woman, Late 20s- Mid 30s. Rebecca’s girlfriend, an emerging artist that has recently received wide recognition. She has strong opinions about race that she will argue for argument’s sake. Beneath her hip and edgy façade, she will take the high road when necessary.
REBECCA: African-American woman, Late 20s – Late 30s. Annie’s fun, “life of the party” best friend. Loyal and kind-hearted, she blurts out the truth but wouldn’t hurt a fly. Banter with her girlfriend, Drea is often sparked with humor.
ALEMU: Ethiopian man, Early 40s – Mid 50s. Buoyant and affable, he is a vivid storyteller with an offbeat sense of humor. While he first appears to be upfront, open, and a tad eccentric, he is capable of flashes of anger when pressed.

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